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The festival of Bronte's pistachio

Every year is a record year. The festival of the pistachio, which in 2015 will be the XXVI edition, is a real celebration. Between late September and early October, the City of Etna combines art, music and culture with food and wine, in an event that has as its protagonist the '' green gold 'just picked. Thousands of visitors flock to the center of the village, through the pistachio, also it showcases itself.
A Bronte produces about eighty percent of the Sicilian pistachio. Are destined to the cultivation of frastuche - the dialect of shrubs Pistachio - about 3500 hectares of land, of which one-sixth in the park of Etna, the active volcano Unesco World Heritage Site. A fact that becomes even more important in view of the fact that the island is only Italian region to produce the delicious green fruit. And it is the color of one of the main elements that emphasize the peculiarities of pistachio pistachios than others, especially those in the Middle East. The fruit that drives the economy of Bronte arrived in Sicily brought by the Arabs. But here he found a ground more fertile than that from which it came. The bright color is a sign of a rich and nutritious, that enhances the natural properties of the plant, making the Bronte pistachio green of a unique situation in the botanical world.
Unlike the American pistachio or one produced on the other side of the Mediterranean, the pistachio has a few shades of yellow and a pure color of emerald. It is very much used in the kitchen as it lends itself to the preparation of sweet and savory dishes. The oil extracted from the fruit - cold pressed to preserve its quality - is an excellent emollient, and for this reason it is often used in dermatology. It is also because of these possible applications that Bronte decided to devote most of their energy: only in the area of ​​Bronte there are nearly a thousand manufacturers. For the most part, are small plots of just over an acre. But they contribute substantially to the earnings of local farmers.
All these elements - this rich history of the past that is not afraid to look to the future - that of pistachio make a festival partecipatissima. In 2015, will be held on two weekends: September 26 to 28 and 3 to 5 October. The height of the harvest period. The streets of Bronte will host producers, cooks and pastry chefs who will offer traditional specialties and culinary experiments. And they all follow the same green wire. Penne, sausage and arancini pistachio, together with ice-cream, cakes and crepes stuffed with pistachio cream are just some of the specialties offered by the food stands.
But the Festival of the pistachio has not only to do with the food. In recent years, many events have enriched the program. And an increasingly important role it has had the music. The stage of pistachio festival is also an opportunity to reaffirm its ties with the territory: folk groups perform in traditional Sicilian tarantella in dialect, made by modern instruments and musical influences are always new.
Traditions, taste, cooking and music are included in a frame of art, culture and nature. Bronte boasts a rich and fascinating historic monuments. For these reasons, between an ice cream and a pistachio nougat you can follow guided tours designed to raise awareness of the country and its beauty. In the days of the festival are also inaugurated interesting exhibitions of contemporary art. Finally, those who will turn our gaze to the green slopes and have a desire to walk outdoors can participate in the Green Night, an event designed to enhance the extensive territory of Bronte which includes the Etna Park, the Nebrodi and the Alcantara Gorges.