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Bronte green pistachio P.D.O. Bronte green pistachio P.D.O.
New Bestsellers
Shelled pistachios, the typical nut of Bronte, natural and unsalted. Rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Perfect daily snack   ..
€6.00 Ex Tax:€5.77
Chopped Pistachios Chopped Pistachios
New Bestsellers
Chopped pistachios for adding to first dishes, main courses and desserts. Coarsely chopped pistachio, for savoury dishes and confectionery, to decorate cakes and ice cream.  ..
€4.00 Ex Tax:€3.85
Crunchy Pistachio Nougat
New Bestsellers Out Of Stock
Pistachio nougat is a delicious alternative to a classic Italian sweet. The delicately roasted pistachios make this Bronte speciality truly unique and delicious.   ..
€4.67 Ex Tax:€4.25
Dough for Pistachio Milk
New Bestsellers
Concentrated pistachio milk (dough) is made from pistachio paste – soft and with an intense flavour. Ready to be dissolved in water to get a tasty and refreshing drink. Preferably, to be served fresh.   ..
€6.97 Ex Tax:€6.34
Pistachio Cake Pistachio Cake
New Bestsellers Out Of Stock
Soft sponge cake with pistachio nuts, filled with cream and topped with chopped pistachios. Ready-made to be enjoyed on any occasion: for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert after a meal.   ..
€17.47 Ex Tax:€15.88
Pistachio Colomba (traditional Easter treat) Pistachio Colomba (traditional Easter treat)
New Bestsellers Out Of Stock
Baked dessert made with natural ingredients, without preservatives. The slow natural leavening guarantees a longer preservation of the product, an excellent digestibility and a characteristic flavor and aroma. The whole process can take up to 72 hours. A long wait amply rewarded by a handmade..
€19.97 Ex Tax:€18.15
Pistachio Crispy Cake in Dark Chocolate
New Bestsellers
Subtle and delicate, these pistachio crispy cakes are dipped in luscious dark chocolate. Prepared with the best selected chopped pistachios  and wrapped in a mantle of dark chocolate. An excellent snacks for any time of day.   ..
€4.97 Ex Tax:€4.52
Pistachio Crispy Cakes Pistachio Crispy Cakes
New Bestsellers
Subtle and delicate, the pistachio crispy cakes are prepared with the best chopped pistachio nuts. A great healthy and delicious snack for any occasion, anywhere and any time you need a tasty and nutritious pick-me-up. ..
€4.47 Ex Tax:€4.06
Pistachio Delights Pistachio Delights
New Bestsellers Out Of Stock
Crumbly shortbreads filled with soft pistachio cream, ready to impress and to reward your and your friends' palates.    ..
€7.50 Ex Tax:€6.82
Pistachio Flour Pistachio Flour
New Bestsellers
Pistachio flour is used in preparing first and second dishes, and in confectionery to garnish cakes and ice cream. Finish off the preparation of a dish with a sprinkle of the flour.   ..
€4.00 Ex Tax:€3.85
Pistachio Liqueur Pistachio Liqueur
New Bestsellers
Creamy low-alcohol pistachio liquor. Distinguished by a delicate yet exciting taste, a perfect pick to accompany your dessert after a meal, or as a sophisticated relaxation drink.   ..
€10.57 Ex Tax:€8.66
Pistachio Panettone (traditional Christmas treat) Pistachio Panettone (traditional Christmas treat)
New Bestsellers
A hand-made sourdough Panettone. Coated in white chocolate and chopped pistachios. Accompanied by our deliciously creamy pistachio spread.   ..
€24.97 Ex Tax:€22.70
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