Traditional Bronte Sweets

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Pistachio Cake News Out Of Stock

Pistachio Cake

Soft sponge cake with pistachio nuts, filled with cream and topped with chopped pistachios. ..

€17,47 Ex Tax: €15,88

Pistachio Colomba (traditional Easter treat) News

Pistachio Colomba (traditional Easter treat)

Baked dessert made with natural ingredients, without preservatives. The slow natural leavening gu..

€19,97 Ex Tax: €18,15

Pistachio Delights

Crumbly shortbreads filled with soft pistachio cream, ready to impress and to reward your an..

€7,50 Ex Tax: €6,82

Pistachio Panettone (traditional Christmas treat) News Out Of Stock

Pistachio Panettone (traditional Christmas treat)

A hand-made sourdough Panettone. Coated in white chocolate and chopped pistachios. Accompani..

€19,97 Ex Tax: €18,15

Pistachio Pastry

Pistachio pastries, traditional sweets from Bronte, the city of pistachio. Utterly inimitabl..

€12,00 Ex Tax: €10,91